holiday decor!

Hi everyone! Been a hot second since I’ve written a blog post, but we just finished up our last wedding of 2018 last month and I’ve been soaking in the holiday season as much as I can! Which generally means, staying offline a good portion.

It’s no secret that this is my favorite time of year to really put my decorating skills to work, and this year feels like my most successful holiday decor yet. This is the third Christmas in our house, and usually each year I pick a “theme” that I set the decorations around. This year I decided to do a colorful and mid century posh theme, swapping our usual white lights out for colored ones. The decor on the mantle this year is 100% magnolia, along with a pink/red shimmery candles and oriental Japanese vases. I searched high and low for the RED tinsel all over our tree this year — because I can’t have a tree without tinsel now.

Below are a few photos from around Thanksgiving through now! Including a family photo that one of our dogs was not into 🙂


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