Wow, it must be the end of the world because I actually blogged!! Let me tell you guys, those of you who have been hustling photography part-time while also having a full-time job, I truly don’t know how you’ve done it. It’s been a serious moment since I have had the time or energy to sit down and blog some of the sessions I’ve been shooting. In fact, I’ve been so quiet on social media (mainly because I’m really trying to spend my free time not on my phone/computer!) has got people questioning if we are still doing Senior portraits at all. While the website has been modified to now showcase weddings, bridals and my travel photos I am absolutely still doing Senior portraits. They are my favorites, and I don’t think I’ll ever stop doing them!

So with that being said, I’m sharing Emily’s session tonight. I’m getting more adventurous with light and I’m really liking the effects of it lately.

I’ll try not to make it too long before I blog again 😉

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