Hope everyone is enjoying the weather this week, Summer has apparently arrived. Over the weekend we had the pleasure of photographing Courtney and Zack’s Cinco De Mayo wedding (it’s so amazing, cannot wait to share) but before that, I wanted to share a really cool idea that Courtney and I came up with prior to […]

Courtney and Zack first look portraits



What better way to spend a rainy Monday than to binge watch Downton Abbey with tea in hand? I originally took these photos a few years ago at Belmont in Fredericksburg (while I was in a big Downton Abbey phase, who would have guessed) and I recently rediscovered them on my hard drive and fell […]

Downton Abbey Bridal Favorites



When I told people my idea for this shoot I could tell they were a little unsure of what to think. I am definitely one for drawing inspiration from what many others would consider kind of bizarre, especially when I am shooting for fun. “What is very opposite of bridal portraits? Ah, got it.” 90s grunge […]

cobain inspired bridal shoot



I’M SO EXCITED because I’ve been holding onto these bad boys for over a month now and I can finally share them! As a photographer I have met many beauties at coffee shops. Madison, the model for this shoot was my barista at my favorite coffee shop for the longest time and I knew from the […]

victorian bridal shoot at salubria